Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

Lobbytech Visitor Management Software is designed in such a manner that you just have to register & start using from the very next minute. There is No need of training or support. Go for Registration & try the application today. When you registered you would be asked to fill up few details about your organization. After registration you would receive an email to confirm your email ID & to give you login credentials. When you visit the site and login with the credentials provided , you would be asked to fill following settings.

Your company's logo
Your local time
Your address

And then you are ready to go...

Before you proceed , let us understand various models in which the visitors can be managed through Lobbytech Visitor Management Software & the roles various users play.

Guest These are the visitors to your organization. They can be Vendors , Customers , Candidates for Interview etc.
Host These are employees within your organization to whom the guest would want to visit. The secretaries are given a special right to send invitation on behalf of others.
Security These are the employees of the security department. They get access to Emergency evacuation lists and various security related reports.

Lobbytech Visitor Management Software offers various models of visitor management

Only Walk IN Register the visitors as they walk in . Gather the required information , take photograph and generate a visitor badge.
Guest Request Reception / Guest adds the request for a visit . The host gets an Email / SMS * The host can either approve or reject the same and only approved visitors are registered and issued a visitor badge.
Invitation based Visitor Management The hosts logs on the Lobbytech, adds an invitation for the Guest . The Guest receives a email / SMS* . The guest walks in with the invitation . The reception validates the Invitation number and the visitor is registered and a badge is generated.
Approval based Visitor Management Sensitive organization need permission of the security to go the certain zones or carrying material like laptop in inside the office. There are various approval workflows which can be setup and only subject to approval the visitor registration and badge generation takes place.

By default Lobbytech Visitor Management Software is set to Invitation based Visitor Management Model.

Depending upon your needs you can activate or deactivate various switches from setting and increase or decrease the control over the system. It is always a good idea to start with least rules and allow the users to get used to the system and then slowly introduce the rules so as to streamline the process and avoid backlash from users.

When you start the system , the only user you would have in the system is the one with which you registered to Lobbytech.com . This user is treated as an administrator and would have access to the entire application. For a small office the same user can play all the roles simultaneously but for bigger organizations it might be a good idea to create separate users as Receptionist , Security etc.

How to populate the Host data ?
You can either populate the data gradually or do the same in one go. To populate the data gradually, during Walk In registration , a Add Host button is provided. To populate the data in one go (before launching the system, From the Settings > Master > Users Menu ) , one can import the list of host via Excel file.Incremental Data can be added through setting > Users > Create Menu. Similarly from the same option one can disable any host who is not the part of your organization anymore. We also offer ADS integration for our Customized package. When a user is added , an email is sent to him/her with the credential to login to Lobbytech as a Host. It is always a good practice to encourage the Hosts to add their own invitations by accessing the Lobbytech site from their login ID.

As you stabilize you may stop the facility of Add the host as and when required through Settings > Reception Related > Allow Reception to add Host ?

How to start the visitors registration process ?
Select the option Walk in under Reception (By default the same screen appears) . When a visitor visits for the first time you can add the details through "First Time visitor button" . As the visitor database start populating you can search the user either on name , mobile no or email and can populate the details from previous visits. This saves the time for registration.

How to handle Visitors only through Guest Request ?
Select the option Guest request under reception. Ask the visitor for the details like name , phone , email etc. These details will be sent to the Host for approval as an email / SMS . Based on the approval by the host , an Email / SMS is sent to the visitor with an invitation number . Select the option List to go to the approved invitations and register the user against that invitation.

How to capture the photograph of the visitor ?
You can use the existing Camera of your PC / Laptop for this purpose. You can attach an external Webcam. When you take the photograph , it may take a small time to upload it on the cloud. Please ensure good lighting conditions for the photo to appear better. You have an option to disable the capture photograph option. For the subsequent visits you can continue with the earlier photograph .

How to take a print out of the visitor badge ?
There are different predefined formats of badges which can be selected from the setting. To print the badge on the printer you can either choose a thermal printer or you can print the badges on the normal laser / thermal printer. It is necessary to set the printer page setting through the printing preferences. The height & width should be set as per the badge chosen.
The visitor is sent an Ebadge as an email. Many organizations avoid printing the badges and use only the Ebadges

Please refer to the Frequently asked questions for more details and if any of your further queries please feel free to write to us on support@lobbytech.com